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January Freckled Fawn Unboxing

Yay, my Freckled Fawn kit finally came.  Again this month I did not watch the unveiling video.  I will only check 2 maybe 3 times but after that I just say forget it.  I did however catch a few sneak peaks on their Instagram, but the rest of this is a surprise to me.  Right off the bat I noticed that there isn’t a big sticker sheet.  I feel like since I have been subscribing there has always been a big sticker sheet, whether it was just alphas, tiny word stickers, or puffy stickers, but not to worry I love everything in this kit and am so excited to use all of these items.

So here is what comes in the January Freckled Fawn Kit:

  • 2 Flairs
  • Camera Wood Chips
  • Thin Cork Numbers (my favorite item)
  • Heart Paperclips in Red, Black, and Yellow
  • Metal Diamond Stickers
  • image

  • Washi Tape with sayings like “so fun, this is fantastic, silly day”
  • Transparency Die Cut Hearts
  • Sheet of Washi Strips
  • 104 Piece Felt Alphas
  • All this comes in this cute pouch
  • image

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