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January Freckled Fawn NEW Planner Kit Uboxing

Freckled Fawn has introduced their new planner kit this month and because I love their embellishment kit so much I just had to have it, especially since it was new, I love have the fist edition of crafting kits.  At first I was a little upset to learn that some of the items in this kit are going to be the same as the embellishment kit, including the pouch, but then I realized I love their items so much I wouldn’t mind having doubles at all.  And I can give a pouch to my kids each month.  I would never give up the ones I only have one of 😉

I will start with the items that are the same as the embellishment kit:

  • Washi Tape
  • Transparency Die Cut Hearts
  • Sheet of Washi Strips

These are the items that are different:

  • Red Arrow Paperclips
  • Remember Rainbow List Pad
  • Hello Lovely Flair- that all new subscribers receive with their first kit.
  • image

All of this came in the same pouch as the embellishment kit.


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