Indigo Page 21 Complete (10/30 complete)

January 9, 2016 I completed page 21, this is the quickest I have ever work through a page.  I now have 5 pages completed on Indigo and since it was still January I continued to work on it.  I didn’t put as many hours into it as I was before because I had already reached my goal for the month.

I was able to complete 5 more pages with the extra time I had left this month.  These pages were at the very bottom of the pattern and were only 10 rows x 71 columns, so I was able to complete them very quickly.  I now have 10/30 pages completed.  Although I love how much I got done this month and can really see how this will turn out I am ready to start working on my new pattern Queen of the Sun Realm.

Here was December’s Progress Pic:

And here is January’s Progress Pic:
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