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January Planner Upgrades

I have been using my new homemade planner for 3 weeks now and I am still in love with it.  I use it every single day now.  In my weekly planner I would look at it every two to three days because I could fill it out all at once but then I wouldn’t look at it again and would forget to do stuff.  Although I am completely happy with how it turned out, I have changed a few things that add personality/uniqueness and functionality to my planner.

  • I received a pouch with my Freckled Fawn kit, I actually get one every month (two now because I subscribe to both kits).  I was able to hole punch it and slip it in my planner rings.  My planner stickers are in here now, before they were in the front pocket of the binder, but since I get more each month in my Planner Addict Box (I don’t use them up that fast but an trying to now that I am in this amazing planner) there was just to many to keep in there, I was worried it would stretch my pocket out.

    Now all that is in that font pocket of my binder is a list pad (just the back cardboard piece).  I have a few other lists that I have put down information on new products and To Dos for my Etsy shop (link in the Menu bar).

  • Now that I have these list pads in my planner I have found a great need for them.  On days that there is a lot of stuff to get done and a bunch of steps to complete before I can call that task done, I use a sheet from the list pad.  I put the date on the top and add in all the tedious things that need to get done, I also put the over all task in my planner on the day I want it done by, once I have completed everything on that sheet I rip it off and toss it.
  • image

    I have added the planner tassel I received my January Planner Addict Box.  It is a beautiful sky blue that I think works great with the dark blue of my planner.  I just slipped it in the top ring of my binder.  I also added one that I had made in grey, they are listed in my shop if you would like to pick up one for your planner.  I love how they look hanging out the side of my planner.


This is all I have changed so far, but stop by again at the end of February to see what new changes I have made.

Thanks for reading!

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