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Target Planner and Work Haul

I had to go to Target to get some stuff for my Etsy shop and return the Peppa Pig shirt I got for Morgan during my last Target run.  I tried to find another Peppa Pig shirt but they didn’t have anymore in her size:(.

I am not going to share the stuff I got for my Etsy shop but I will share what I got for my other job (I am a nanny).  I got them two sticker sheet sets for Valentine’s day, I don’t think they know anything about Valentines day, but they do know about bright colors, hearts, and cute animals. 

The girls just love to stick stickers on paper, their faces, their sippy cups, and any smooth surface that stickers are hard to get off of.  They will get a kick out of these, one sheet can entertain them for at least 30 minutes.  I am also going to give some to Jordan, sometimes he likes to write notes and make cards for family and friends, so he can use these for that or in the other art he makes.

I got 7 list pads, and girl who loves to write and make lists can never have too many.  Four of them are from the Target dollar spot, they are Valentine’s Day themed, but can be used all year long because the colors muted or there are non Valentine themed colors they can just hearts that can be just a cute thing to have around all the time.

The other three are a set from Paperchase.  Each one has a different header “Fabulous Ideas, Happy Thoughts, and Love Notes.”  Not sure how many sheets are in each but they are thick.  Each one has a magnet on the back but I will just be slipping them in my planner pockets.

The last Item I got were these Crayola Super Tip Maker set (50 markers).  This will most likely be used in my art journal, but because I love to use many colors and my To Dos are always color coded I can defiantly use them in my planner or in the notebook that I use to write up my blog posts.

This haul was for me and last week was for Morgan next week will be for Jordan.



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