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Art Journal Pages 1-5

Here are the first five Art Journal Pages, I have fallen a little bit behind and really need to make some time to catch up, but I do have enough to share in this post and another one.  I like how these pages came together, but I want to do more actual art (painting, drawing doodling, etc.) in the next few pages that I make.

You can follow along with me on Instagram, link in the menu above, please tag your pictures @lovemoandjo so I can see what your interpretation of the word is.

  1. Happiness: I used some items from my Freckled Fawn kit to decorate this page.  The background is made of Xs using my water color pens.  The Xs represent cross stitching, one of the things that make me happy.  I then listed a few other things that make me happy.
  2. image

  3. Beauty: Again using my water color pens, I doodled out some flowers.  I listed out a few things that are beautiful to me.  I used more stuff from my Freckled Fawn kit and some ephemera that came in my Planner Addict Box.
  4. image

  5. Sleep:  I doodled a little pillow on this page and outlined it in the lace tape that I got in my Freckled Fawn kit.  I used my water color pens to color in the pillow and the background of this page.  I used a library book check out card to list out the reason why I love to sleep.
  6. image

  7. Garden:  I doodled out some flowers and ladybugs crawling up one of the flowers.  I colored them in with my water color pens.  My Freckled Fawn kit was used again to fill out this page.  Also a few things from my Planner Addict Box and Messy Box.
  8. image

  9. Imagination:  For this page I used all of my water color pens to make the page look like a rainbow.  The orange in my Recollections water color pen set did not turn out well.  I haven’t tried it since but I am pretty sure that my set just came with a bad orange.  I used as many words that I could find that made me think of Imagination and what dreams I have thought up for myself.  Again using my Freckled Fawn, Planner Addict Box, and Messy Box.
  10. image

These are just my first five pages more coming soon.

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