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February Freckled Fawn Kit Unboxing

I received my February Freckled Fawn kit last week and started playing around with it a bit then I remember I like to share my kits on here, so I hurried up and put it back together to take a quick picture.

One thing I couldn’t undo was the fox heads that are on these giant paperclips, that came in the planner kit.  I am not sure why they came separate, or at least they could have included something else in the planner kit to put on those clips.  But needless to say I loved the kit and am excited to use it in my planner and list challenge that I am doing on Instagram, you can join me, link to my Instagram is in the menu above.

Here is what is included in this months kit:

  • Washi tape
  • puffy stickers
  • 4 love paper clips
  • enamel fox heads
  • yellow bow
  • 2 pages of label stickers
  • cork word bubble shapes
  • wood button stickers
  • alphas


One of my kits (Messy Box) is ending this month and I would like to replace it with another kit.  I am looking for wither a planner kit or an embellishment kit, one that doesn’t come with too much paper.  If you know of any good ones please list them below.  So far I have only seen two kits that I am interested in, The planner society kit and scraptasic’s plan on it kit.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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