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Februray Freckled Fawn Planner Kit Unboxing

I love that I get two kits at the same time.  I wish I could get all of my subscriptions all at once that way I could try to mix and match the kits while they are still whole (I don’t like to wait to use my new stuff).  I mentioned in the previous post (Freckled Fawn Embellishment Kit) that this kit came with giant paperclips and the embellishment kit came with two fox heads that I attached together.  I would have loved to have had another option that matched with the kit to add to these clips but they are still super cute and are already in my planner.

Here are all the items included in this months kit:

  • Washi Tape Rose Gold Heart
  • Flag stickers in yellow, blue, pink, and orange
  • Puffy stickers
  • Giant paper clips


One of my kits (Messy Box)n is ending this month and I would like to replace it with another kit.  I am looking for wither a planner kit or an embellishment kit, one that doesn’t come with too much paper.  If you know of any goo ones please list them below.  So far I have only seen two kits that I am interested in, The planner society kit and scraptasic’s plan on it kit.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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