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Bic Grip Roller Pens (My new go to pens)

I received a Bic Grip Roller Pen in black in my January Planner Addict Box and I absolutely loved it.  I use it in my planner, to write notes, to write To Do lists, to write up blog posts, and to draw in my Art Journal (I use it to outline my drawings in my art journal, it adds such a nice touch to the over all look of the page).

This pen has an awesome grip, usually I don’t use the grip on pens because it is either too far or too close to the pen tip and it is just not comfortable to use.

The ink is a bold dark black, it is .7 mm.  Everything I write stands out and looks important.

One last thing about this pen and I swear I am done.  I like how the actual pen looks.  Most of my pens have slim bodies and tend to hurt my fingers and hand to use, but this pen has a much thicker tube and I feel like I can write for hours.  Now that I just picked up 2 dozen more I feel like I really can write anything thing I want and not have to worry about using up all the ink, I always fall in love with a pen and once the ink is out I go to buy more and they don’t make the same pen anymore.

What is you current favorite pen?  Have you ever used the Bic Grip Roller Pen?  What did you think of this pen?


3 thoughts on “Bic Grip Roller Pens (My new go to pens)

  1. I live for the Pilot G2 retractable pens. I can’t use cap pens because the cap ALWAYS comes off in my bag. The Pilots come in a ton of different colors and they’re gel ink so they write soooooo smooth. I haven’t used another type of pen in about eight or nine years, now.

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    1. Yes I hate when caps fall off, I don’t care how much I like the pen I won’t use it if the top won’t stay on, luckily this cap snaps on and stays on. I have not tried those pens yet I might have to after I run through a few of these pens first lol.


  2. I LOVE this post. When a student wants to borrow a pen and I only have a favorite one handy, I tell them they better give it back to me because I’m emotionally attached to it. And I’m only half kidding lol. Ridiculous to be writing such a long comment about a pen, ha. My favorites are uni-ball pens. This was fun.


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