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Art Journal Pages 6-10

The first two pages are similar to the first five I shared in my last Art Journal update, but the other 3 are the ones I really love, I did a lot more drawing, I also tried out some different hand drawn fonts.  I got a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, but have adapted them to fit my drawing skill level and the message I was going for in each page.  I also added quotes to each of these pages.  I really like this style of art journaling and will continue doing it this way, but I guess I should show you so you can see what I am talking about, but first my old style of art journaling:

6. Secret:

Using 3×3 journaling cards from my Messy Box I covered this page in rows of here, two of them are pocket rows.  In the pockets are 6 secrets about myself.  I love this page because it has some personal things about me hidden in a colorful page, which is defiantly my style.

7. Give:

This page turned into something that resembles Christmas.  I used some frames from my Freckled Fawn Kit to make some presents.  Then using some craft tags, I put some Christmas phrases and the message is “It’s Better to Give.”

8. Thankful:

Here is the first “new page.”  I drew the back of my families heads (not comfortable drawing faces yet) in pencil and when I was satisfied with how they turned out I used my Big Drip Roller that I got in my Planner Addict Box (my new favorite pen) then I colored them in using my Crayola markers.  I then stamped the background with nice family sentiments.  I drew the word thankful at the top of the page and colored it in using my water color pens.

9. Kindness:

I drew out a mother and son hugging with the quote “Sometimes we just need a hug.”  I, as a mother, know the power of a hug from a child who loves you unconditionally. I colored in this drawing with my Crayola markers and filled in the background with my water color pens.  And of course filled out the rest of the page with items from my Freckled Fawn, Messy Box, and Planner Addict Box kits.

10. Inside:

I found a beautiful quote “When I’m with you I feel safe from the things that hurt me inside.”  I though that this quote would look great inside a heart with arrows that were unable to penetrate the heart.

These were just pages 6-10 ore to come soon, I am still behind but am catching up quickly..


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