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February Planner Addict Box Unboxing

I finally got my Planner Addict Box.  I feel like with each passing month, I get more and more excited to get this box.  At a glance this box looks like it’s all about Valentine’s day and in a way it is.  It’s not about who you love though, it’s about loving yourself.  Not everyone has a significate other this time of year, but we all have ourselves, that we should love, care for, and up lift just as much as the others in our lives.


As always I will list them in order of most favorite item down to least favorite item:

  1. The Planner Addict Box bag-This is just so cute.  IT’s a canvas bag that says #Planner Love in pink.  It is the perfect size bag to grab a few planner necessities and go.
  2. Heidi Swapp Sticker sets in gold and silver glitter-I love the gold sheet with fun/silly sayings and the silver glitter add light to any planner page.
  3. Little Miss Paperie Planner Stickers-This is the only time I get these types of planner stickers and as I get used to using them I tend to use more and more and am constantly running out, I won’t actually purchase them separate from this box but I do miss them when they are gone.
  4. American Crafts Washi Tape-I got the black tape with hearts.  This is very fitting for February and can be used for the rest of the year too not only because it is black but also because who doesn’t love hearts.
  5. The Planner Addict Box marble sticky notes-They say “Hello Gorgeous” across the top.  Another great way to remember that you are beautiful and you should never forget or let anyone take that away from you.
  6. York Peppermint Patti-I haven’t had one of these in so ng.  IT really hit the spot and had me excited to get started on my planner for the day/week.
  7. My Paper Love Studio planner bookmarks-I love the one that says #Planner Love, I think I will use it to mark the current day.
  8. Lastly the Planner Addict Box pen-I never like the quality of the ink in these pens but they are always so cute.  This one says “Darling you are Fabulous.”
  9. I really liked this box and the message for the month to “Love yourself as much as you want to be loved.”

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