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February Recap

Boy am I glad February is over.  My birthday, wedding anniversary, and Valentine’s day are all in this month but other than that it really wasn’t that good of a month.  I would expect with such a short month not too many things could go wrong but that sure wasn’t the case.

The kids and I got sick at the end of the month.  It seemed like a regular cold but it became much worse.  Constant coughing at night, hard to breath at night, headaches, and just lack of energy.

This of course threw my great blogging schedule off track.  I just stopped posting, writing, or even doing things to write about.  I may still post some stuff even though it’s a bit late.

I kept up with my planner and daily notes (even though we didn’t do much) for the whole month except one day, I didn’t do much decorating though.  I did get some super cute sticker kits from the Planner Society for St. Patrick’s day and for Easter, so I am excited to get that down in my planner.

I did not work on my new cross stitch project at all, I think I want to work on my current one, it’s where my stitching heart is at.  But I did do a bunch of pages in my art journal, on the days that I had the energy to.

I am just happy to see February go and am looking forward to what March has to offer.

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