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Art Journal Process in just Four Steps

As I write this I have completed 20/365 pages in my Art Journal.  At first it was taking a whole day just to get one page done.  Now that I came up with a more efficient process I can get 3-5 done in that same amount of time.  I treat this art journaling process like an assemble line.  This was I can focus on one step at a time and can clean p after it once instead of with each step taking stuff out and putting it away just to take out other stuff, it just takes up too much time.

I have broken it up into four steps:

  1. Draw:  I draw out a focal image that represents the prompt sometimes just a doodle sometimes and full drawing.
  2. Color:  I use Crayola markers and my water color brush pens to fill in the drawing and the background.  I love using water color because it fills in big areas fast and dries even faster.
  3. Quote:  I add a quote to tell the story of the page and it always includes the prompt.  I recently started doing this and I think it really pulls the whole page together.
  4. Embellish:  This is the last step.  I add stickers, die cuts, tiny word stickers, and just about anything else I have in my stash to dress up the page.

I feel like using this process makes my pages turn out even better than before.  I get into a certain mode and just keep that flow going and I run through these pages.

What is your art journaling process?  Do you do one page at a time?  Have you tried the assembly line approach?  Which one did you like better?


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