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Raspberry A5 Filofax (Birthday Gift)

My birthday was on the 10th of February and I got some great unexpected gifts.  I shared a few on my Instagram (link in the menu above if you would like to check that out), but this one I felt needed it’s own post.  I had made my current planner about mid way through 2015 because I really didn’t like the planner I had at the time.  I still love the inserts I made for my 2016 planner and still plan to use them, I just had to re-punch them to fit the Filofax rings.

I love this purple color and it is just so smooth, I just rub my hands over the cover any time I take it out.

There are some card pockets on the inside cover that I highly doubt I will use.

There is a big pocket behind that, that I am using to store my planner stickers.

I came with inserts that were week on two pages and had time slots.  I really don’t need that kind of set up so I took all of those out.  But I did keep the colored lined paper that was behind all of that. 



And the last thing on the rings is a transparency pocket, that I store stickers that I am currently using for the week/month.

On the back cover there is a slot that is holding a pretty thick/ large list pad.  Once this is gone I hope to be able to slid in a smaller list pad, ones that I get in my Planner Addict Box.  I really don’t need a list pad this large.

I did finish out the month of February in my mini binder planner, I just didn’t see the need in re-punching the last few days of the month.  But for April I hope to be using homemade inserts that fit perfectly into my Filofax.  I am going to start with day on one page, because that is what I use, but I also hope to make other that I could sell on Etsy.  The daily pages have to be done by the end of March, but I will take my time with the others.

Over all I love this planner and hope to keep it in good shape to use for many years, these things aren’t cheap you know, I don’t think I would ever buy one of these for myself.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Raspberry A5 Filofax (Birthday Gift)

  1. Such a pretty planner – I just adore Filofaxes (I may have bought another one…but shhh about that, it’ll be next weeks planner post, maybe xD).
    Your’s is a really nice colour! That’s the great thing about planners like that, isn’t it, that if you don’t like the inserts you can chop and change as you want and make your own – which is even easier with an A5 Filofax because there’s no fiddling with paper sizes, it’s just cut a standard A4 page in half!
    Anyway, enjoy using your Filofax 🙂


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