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DIY Easter Basket Gifts for the kids (7 year old boy and 2 year old girl)

I started doing better about giving gifts to the people in my family, especially my kids.  Some of the ways I am doing this is by not just giving them candy for the smaller holidays, by really thinking about what their latest interests are, and by finding gifts that are educational.

For Easter this year I am focusing on books.  The kids and I enjoy reading together and we have to because it is part of my son’s homework.

Let’s start with my two year old’s basket (All items were purchased at Target):


  • Small Easter basket-$1.00
  • Elsa toy-$9.99 (She really loves Frozen she got Anna for Valentine’s Day and her favorite song is “Let is Go”)
  • Little Bunny Book-$4.99
  • Little Duckling Book-$4.99
  • Sunflower Starter Kit-$1.00

My 7 year old’s basket (again all item were purchased at Target):


  • Zootopia Easy Reader-$4.99
  • Zootopia Handbook-$7.99
  • Zootopia Chapter Book-$5.99(He loved the movie and has recently gotten some toy sets from the movie, I thought he would really enjoy the guide book the most, it would give him even more information to go along with the movie)
  • Small Easter Basket-$1.00

Candy for them to share:


  • Olaf & Minion Marshmallow pops
  • Starburst JellyBeans & Plastic Eggs
  • Market Pantry Fruit Snacks

I am very excited for them to get their baskets this year, I know they will absolutely love them.  What do you get your kids for Easter?


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