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DIY Happy Planner April Calenday Setup Using my March Freckled Fawn Planner Kit

I got one of the new Happy Planners Happy Planners last month and of course they don’t start until July (I wonder why they have it setup like that, if anyone knows please tell me in the comments below).  So in order to use this planner starting next month I had to also get the undated month on two pages and week on two pages sheets.  I got 6 extra months for $10 but I of course used my 40% off coupon, I swear I almost never buy anything full price.

As soon as I saw the March Freckled Fawn Planner kit, I knew I wanted to use it to set up the calendar for April.  This is a small kit which, I think, works great for monthly setups.  I don’t use this space for too much so I don’t need much to get it set up.


The first thing I did was lay down some of the thin washi.  The red is for important days at my son’s school, the green is for the two birthdays this month, and I used all four thin washis in the notes section on the left, this brings all the colors of the kit in one place; that way if I need to add in more items for the kit I won’t have to worry if it looks like it all matches.

I added two of the maroon stickers to make the birthdays this month stand out a little more,  I have to make sure I shop for gifts as far in advance as possible.  My mom is easy at least, I will probably get her an Amazon gift card because it’s pretty much the only place she shops.

Then I used the gold dipped puffy alphas to add April over the thin washi that I put up the notes column on the left.  I had to do this because the undated month on two pages sheets did not come with anything to put the months on the calendar pages (and who wants to see more of my bad hand writing).


This is all I have so far, I usually keep my calendars simple, adding only important things that don’t happen often, and I usually don’t add any of my stuff here, just the families, my stuff goes on the daily or weekly pages.

Do you subscribe to the Freckled Fawn Planner kit?  If so how did you use the kit this month in your planner (I would love to see more ideas on how to use this kit).  Also do you have the Happy Planner undated sheets in your planner?  How do you set up the months?  You can leave all your links in the comments sections below.

If you would like to see more of what I do in this planner please follow me on Instagram, link in the menu above.


One thought on “DIY Happy Planner April Calenday Setup Using my March Freckled Fawn Planner Kit

  1. I just bought a Happy Planner, and the 6 month undated pack (which was only 7.99). My extra month kit came with labels for the months and days. I am not a fan of the dividers in the extra month pack and wish they offered a couple other options.

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