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New 2016-2017 Happy Planner

As much as I love my day on one page planner inserts, I do miss a week on two pages layout.  I have figured out how to have the best of both planner worlds, I just need two planners to do it.

I picked up one of the new Happy Planners from Michael’s that has a week on two pages layout. This one will be for all of my To Dos.  It is already broken up into three sections just how I have my planner set up now.  The top is for regular To Dos, the middle will be for craft To Dos, and the bottom is for my blog and other social media To Dos.

Then I will use my new Filofax as my writing planner.  The other half of my daily inserts was for daily notes, but it has turned into more of a journal and I just need more space to write, so once I get my first Planner Society kit, I will make a divider for Daily Notes, Blog, and Etsy.  I will not only plan when things need to go out but also do all of the writing in that section before I type and upload.

I also wanted to do a little walk through of the Happy Planner and my thoughts on it in case you have not seen one before.

This is the cover that I picked up:


There was at least 6 to choose from, but I am in love with anything floral, the Planner Society kits have a lot of florals in them, and spring is almost here.  This cover was made for me, I mean come on look at the soft colors of the flowers just beautiful, although I do wish I could have them all.

These planners have 18 months in them.  I love how thick this makes the planner look and this is new to me I have never seen a planner go longer than a year.


As soon as you open the cover there is a place to right your name.  Mine says “Oh hello, this planner belongs to______.”


When you turn the page you will see the 2016 calendar year and on the next page is the 2017 calendar year.

Then you get right into the first month divider, this is my kind of planner, no filler pages like contacts pages or measurement conversion pages.  Each month has a super cute divider some also have a quote. The page across from that is a page to fill out what you are currently doing, your goals, and special dates, I will not be using this page, all of that info will just go directly on the calendar.

This is my favorite Divider, it’s for December 2016

The next page is the calendar on two pages.  This calendar is huge I can fit everything I need to on here with enough room for decorative stickers.


Then you have the week on two pages.  The days are listed vertically, and each day has three sections (perfect for me I need a To Do, Craft, and Blog section).


This all repeats for each month and on the very last page is a notes page.


I love how this planner is set up and can’t wait to use it…in July.  Not sure why they are putting out planners that don’t start for 3 months but I will be getting the undated monthly and weekly pages so I can you with next month.

So what do you think of this planner?  Have you used a Happy Planner?  Did you make it a whole year and a half before needing to use something else?



5 thoughts on “New 2016-2017 Happy Planner

  1. I LOVE your Happy Planner. They did not have this one at any of the stores where I shopped. I opted for the one with the black and white stripes, as the insides were a bit more “neutral”, though not as lovely as the other planners. I plan on ordering custom covers for mine, because I am not in love with my cover.

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