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March Recap

Back again with another recap.  I can’t believe March is already over.  This month could have gone on forever and I would not have been upset at all, it was defiantly a good one.  We were sick a lot less and I got a lot done.  Hoping for two great months in a row, check out February’s Recap, but until then here is what I have been up to this month:

I finished page 2 on Indigo and now have 11 out of 30 pages complete.  I love how it’s coming together but I am glad to have a month off, sometimes I can get really going and by the end my hands are killing me.  What I am really looking forward to is working on the mermaids face, but that probably won’t be until sometime next year.

I actually read a book and am working on a second.  I don’t think I read at all last year, I think I go through reading phases every other year.  I hope to continue reading, it is so relaxing and can be more entertaining than TV and it doesn’t give me a headache like TV does.

I got my first Planner Society Kit as well as the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter sticker kit and my planner has never looked so cute.  I am still playing around with what work’s best for me and when I do I will share more.

I used this kit to make dividers and shaker pockets/bookmarks (my first time making them)  for both m Filofax and Happy Planner.  They are so cute, I just love all of the floral prints and am just in heaven over here.  Seeing all this beautifulness in my planners makes me want to use them even more, I am more organized this year then ever have been, I am getting stuff done all over the place.

My family an I had a great Easter.  I see my family pretty much every Sunday and my husbands family pretty much everyday but a holiday makes it extra special an twice as fun.  Poor Morgan didn’t want it to be over, she wanted to dye even more.

I am now the proud owner of one of the new 2016-2017 Happy Planners.  I had seen these all over Instagram and was so envious.  They are not super expensive and are so easy to customize, two of my biggest criteria when it comes to buying planners.  Of course you can now see mine on Instagram (link in the menu above).

Speaking of family, I have really gotten into journaling about what we are up to and any parenting struggles my husband and I are going through.  I was using a half sheet a day (on my daily inserts), but now I need a full sheet front and back, I just have so much to document.

Lastly the kids and I went on a few field trips during my son’s spring break (the last week of March).  I hate to see him just sitting around during any breaks he has from school, he just ends up watching TV all day and I would much rather him be out playing or learning something.  We went to the zoo, he was so helpful with his sister and even the little girl that I nanny (we went during my work hours), he went to Dave & Buster’s with his Aunt, and then we went to the Children’s Museum, he would have loved to stay all day at that place, but we had to get back for lunch and nap time for the two little ones.  I don’t think that that was bad for one week.

That is pretty much all we have been up to this month, I hope next week is just as good if not better.  How was you month?  Anything exciting going on?  Please share in the comments below.


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