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New Filofax Setup

At the beginning of this month I moved my Daily planner out of my Filofax and into my new 2016-2017 Happy Planner.  I still use my Filofax everyday, but not to plan my day.  My Filofax is now for my writing.  I currently have 4 sections and may add more throughout the year as I find more and more things that I would like to keep in one place.

Before I could move into this planner I had to make new pretty dividers.  I used the March Planner Society Kit to make then but only had enough paper to make 3 dividers, I still need to make at least one more.  I did get some more of the March papers in the subscriber sale, but until then I will just share what I have now.

When you first open up my Filofax you see divider 1, my journal section.  This is where I write about my day and anything special going on with my husband or kids.  I write in this section at least twice a day, the afternoon during y break at work and at night after I put my kids to bed.  I really enjoy the process of writing, before I started journaling I would sit with a pen in my hand paper out but with nothing to write, but I just love the feeling of writing, I just need to do it even if I never go back and read these pages or no one else sees these pages.

The next section is my YouTube section.  Last month I started a YouTube channel.  I am still playing around with it but I do have a few videos up and I will leave a link in the menu above if you would like to check it out.  In this section I have a running list of video ideas and notes on the important things I should write in the description box.

The third section is my blog section.  Right now I just have a running list of blog post ideas and once I fill up my current blog post writing notebook, I will start writing blog posts in this section.

The last section is my Etsy shop section.  Right now I just keep track of my sales and new items I would like to make for the shop.

I do have a small miscellaneous section after that, which holds some log in information and some financial planning.

That is all that I currently keep in my planner, I love that I can keep this all in one place, before it was all in separate notebooks or just up in my head (a dangerous place to keep things as I do have a bad memory).

Do any of you keep a “writing” planner?  Or use your planner for anything besides day to day planning?  I would love to see how you have it set up or you can just explain in the comments below.

Also please check out my previous post to enter I to my first ever giveaway (U.S. residents only).

3 thoughts on “New Filofax Setup

  1. This set up looks nice . I currently have a happy planner and I am moving to a travelers notebook so I can draw and sketch more to see how I like it. I’ll be tuning into your YouTube channel


    1. Great I just put a link to my channel up in the menu above.

      I have always been curious about those travelers notebboks. It seems like everyone is using them different. How you enjoy the switch.


  2. I love getting these glimpses inside your planner(s)! I’ve tried to keep analogue planners, but I’m just too digital and planners are a bit bulkier than I can comfortably carry with me. Although I did buy this cute little student planner (you know, the ones that start in July of one year and go to June of the next) that I’m going to try to use for planning blog stuff.

    Beyond that, I also keep a grid-style Moleskine notebook for journaling, but I don’t really use it as a planner or anything like that. I carry that with me everywhere because it’s thin enough to keep in my purse.


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