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Book Review: 5th Wave

Yes, another book read for 2016. The 5th Wave written by: Rick Yancey

Of course I picked another book that was made into a movie, it really is a good way to choose a new book to read.

Again I will do my best to quickly recap the book without giving too much away.

The 5th Wave is all about an “alien” invasion.  The Others, what the humans have dubbed the aliens, bring about 5 waves to exterminate the humans.

  • Wave 1: “Lights out” all power is shut off , nothing works, phones, cars etc.
  • Wave 2: “Surfs Up” massive earthquakes and tsunami waves
  • Wave 3: “Pestilence” Blood Plague; the Red Death, the Fourth Horseman, are a few of it’s other names, kills about 97% of the remaining people
  • Wave 4: “Silencers” The Others, who seem to look human, are sent out to rill the remaining humans.

The last wave, wave 5, I won’t give away, I will let you figure that one out as you read the book.

Cassie, the main character, is separated from her brother during all of this, and after her mother, then father dies; she is determined to get him back.  Along the way she find a love interest, who turns out to not be at all who he says he is.

This book leaves you with a bit of a cliff hanger, so I of course will be reading the second book, “The Infinite Sea,” to see how they survive after getting Cassie’s brother back and blowing up one of the Others’ command centers, and what they plan to do next to completely stop the Others.

My thoughts on this book:

I loved it.  I was on the edge of my seat at time and struggled to put it down to get real life stuff done.

I like how this book made me think, sometimes I had to set the book down for a minute or two to collect my thoughts and figure out what is really going on, nothing is just flat out said.  But sometimes the author, Rick Yancey, took it too far.  At the beginning of each chapter the characters change.  You are reading from a different character’s point of view and it’s not always immediately clear who the character is, very frustrating and annoying.  But once I caught on, I started reading more carefully, so I could find out who the character was and did not waste any time having to think back on what I just read.

Over all great read and I am looking forward to reading the second book in tis trilogy.

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