Share (fiveminuteFriday)

I am not big into sharing.  I work hard for what I have and I just like to keep my stuff for me.  I may do like a deep clean of the house and find a few things I really have no intention of using and will find a family member to give it to or donate to Goodwill.

I am even worse about sharing when it comes to food.  I love to eat!

With the kids Jordan (6) doesn’t mind sharing with anyone even his baby sister.  There are a few things he won’t share he calls them his specials, I think that that is fine he is at least sharing something.

Morgan (15months) on the other hand does not share.  She will take toys from any and everyone I am teaching he No Taking and she is getting better.  She will not just give up a toy.  But she likes to share food.  She is always trying to feed everyone in the family yelling at them to eat and if you don’t take it willingly she will shove it in your mouth.

My husband is just like my son.  He is always sharing with me and I feel bad because I won’t do the same.  He is also like that with the whole family sharing food, material items, and his time.  That is what I love most about him!

five minute friday


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